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The Team

Who We Are


Robert Gouverneur

Founder & CEO

Allow me to introduce Robert, the Coffee Connoisseur and Architect of our Café Dreams. With a deep love for Ethiopia Sidamo coffee, he's like a flavour explorer on a caffeine quest. When he's not crafting café dreams, he's indulging his love for food – particularly the deliciously feels like home kind. Beyond the café world, he's a photography enthusiast, capturing moments with the same passion he pours into his coffee creations. While his presence might be big and sometimes a bit intimidating, his grumpiness is often just a playful façade. Beneath it all, he's a teddy bear at heart, his warmth and kindness shaping the very soul of our café.

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Dewald van der Westhuizen

General Manager

Meet our General Manager and Coffee Roasting Maestro, a true bean genius! With a roasting technique as cheeky and bold as his personality, he turns coffee beans into liquid gold. Quick with a witty comeback, he'll chirp back faster than an espresso shot. And just like his perfectly roasted beans, he leaves smiles all around, turning the café into a hub of laughter and warmth.

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    D'Arcy Le Roux

    Social Media Manager

    Say hello to Maria, our Social Media Maven! A perfectionist with a flair for latte art, she's also a self-proclaimed clean freak who moves at a brisk 20km/h pace. But that's not all – she's not just managing accounts; she's the chief hype generator and dance enthusiast. Get ready to move and groove as Maria brings the party to your screen. Whether it's crafting the perfect post or getting everyone on their feet, Maria's energy and passion shine through, making the online world a more vibrant and exciting place.

    Portrait with Hands Clasped

    Richard Haylle-Dick


    Say hello to Dick, our Hug-Loving Shift Sorcerer of Awkwardness. Silly statements? Check. Crumbling strong folks into awkward anticipation? Double check. He's got finger-snapping skills that could rival a professional percussionist, and he's our official quality control for making sure every stamped bag is just right. With a name like Dick and an aura of awkwardness, he's a legend in his own wonderfully peculiar way. And yes, amidst the quirks, he absolutely loves hugs.


    Thelma Rumbie


    Let's hear it for Thelma, our Barista Extraordinaire! Loud and proud, she serves up coffee with a side of truth – don't expect to get away with silliness around her. While her staple might be potatoes, her real power is in crafting the perfect brew. And watch out, because babies turn her into a puddle of adoration – they're her ultimate weakness, melting her strong exterior into a pool of affection.



    Meet Lorraine, our Speedy Sculler Dynamo! Zipping around like she's mastered teleportation to be in ten places at once, she's our toasted sandwich virtuoso. Need a hand? Lorraine's got four to spare – she's always ready to lend one. And that smile? It's as constant as her whirlwind of activity. With her, every corner of the café is a happier place.


      Mishyel Lilly


      Meet Mishyel, our Cappuccino Ace! The Blue Door is his sanctuary, a haven of happiness. He approaches work like a true workaholic, bringing a Swiss-like precision to everything he does. Funny, kind, and completely addicted to almond croissants, he's the embodiment of a neutral, welcoming spirit. Mishyel turns your coffee break into a delightful escape, leaving you refreshed and smiling.

      Taugeeda Abdurahman


      Meet Taugeeda, our Barista Dynamo! While she might occasionally misplace her shift in the whirlwind of life, double shifts are just another day at the office for her. But here's the twist: while she's brewing up your cup of goodness, her heart is absolutely, unequivocally obsessed with dogs. Paws and lattes are her twin passions, making every visit to the café an unforgettable experience. Oh, and did we mention? She sees every dog as a perpetually adorable puppy, adding an extra sprinkle of joy to her doggy devotion.


      Rio Anders


      Meet Rio, our Java Juggler! Currently deep into the world of psychology studies, which might be ironic given her occasional "lost in thought" moments. But worry not, her smiles are as consistent as your morning coffee. And speaking of consistency, she's a die-hard Taylor Swift fangirl, infusing the café with a touch of musical magic. So, whether she's analyzing minds or crafting cappuccinos, Rio brings a blend of cheerfulness and fandom flair to every cup she pours.



      Allow me to introduce Margaret, our Zen Cleaner! In the grand tale of the tortoise and the hare, she's the embodiment of the tortoise – slow and steady, but oh, the wonders she works. With her meticulous touch, she turns every corner into a sparkling haven. And here's the sweetest part: there's not a hint of bitterness in her, just like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Margaret brings calmness, precision, and a sprinkle of kindness to every nook she tends to.

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